Microsoft Windows Server Datacenter 2012

Microsoft Windows Server Datacenter 2012

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  • Windows Server Datacenter 2012 R2


    At the heart of the Microsoft Cloud OS vision, Windows Server 2012 R2 brings Microsoft's experience delivering global-scale cloud services into your infrastructure. Windows Server 2012 R2 offers exciting features and enhancements across virtualization, storage, networking, virtual desktop infrastructure, access and information protection, and more.


    Windows Server 2012 Datacenter R2 is a flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use server solution. Whether your company is a small business or a large enterprise, Windows Server 2012 Datacenter R2 can help you cloud optimize your business. Windows Server 2012 Datacenter provides licensing rights for unlimited Windows Server virtual machines on a single physical server.


    Windows Server 2012 Datacenter R2 enables you to blend your on-premises solutions with the cloud without having to re-engineer infrastructure, systems management, or applications. It offers customers scalable, dynamic, and multitenant-aware cloud infrastructure that helps users connect across-premises.


    As a result, IT can respond to business needs with greater agility and efficiency, and the mobile workforce is able to access personalized work environments from virtually anywhere.


    • Hyper-V 2.0 - included in the operating system and provides 16x improvement in the amount of vCPU and RAM assignable to virtual machines
    • Live Migration – move virtual machines between physical servers with no downtime or loss of data
    • Hyper-V Replica – replicate virtual machines to another server in another location every 30 seconds
    • Deduplication – automatically reduce wasted storage
    • Storage Spaces – build your own virtualize storage pools to provide redundancy and performance
    • Storage Tiers – automatically move the most frequently used files to SSDs
    • Each physical server requires at least one license
    • Each license covers two CPUs, thus a four CPU server would require two license (one base license and one additional license)
    • Datacenter Edition grants the use of unlimited Windows Server virtual machines on that physical server
    • Additionally, a Windows Server 2012 Client Access License (CAL) is required for each user or device that accesses the server
    • CALs are different from Server Software Licenses - A server Client Access License (CAL) is a license that gives users and devices the right to legally access a server installed with Microsoft server software.
    • CALs are cost-effective and scalable - Customers pay only for the licensing they need. They can adapt their licensing needs by buying CALs as their businesses grow.
  • This key can activate ONE windows device, only ONE time. After activation process is done, you will NOT be able to use the same key again.
    Formatting the hard drive will effectively erase the key. You can NOT transfer the licence to other computer.

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